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Handler Focus: Putting it all Together

In her final article on handler focus, Elizabeth Dott explains how to put your new skills to the test on a Snooker course.

Welcome back to the last week of our handler focus exercises. This week we begin where we left off last week, with circle work weaving in and out of the obstacles.

This is a good reminder before we begin trying our new handler focus methods on a snooker course. Once your dogs are doing nicely with the circle work, it is time to try it out!

To test your skills on a course, we used a Snooker course designed by Tim Verrelli from the Mid Atlantic Regional Championships a few weeks ago.

As you play with this course, try to plan something that will ask your dog to drive by some of the obstacles. We opted to try all 7's from different angles.
Note: My field was too narrow to add in the fourth red jump on the far right, so we omitted it.

Check out the video for some ideas as you plan your course and have fun!

This article is part of USDAA's Training Tuesday series that appears on USDAA's Facebook page. We encourage you to discuss this exercise on our Facebook page and to upload videos of your class or training group trying it out.

Elizabeth Dott has been competing in agility since 1993. She owns Legendary Agility Training (named after her heart dog, Legend) in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She has competed at the national level and has put several championships on her dogs over the years. She has also helped many of her students achieve their own championships as well. In addition, Elizabeth runs Legendary Dog Designs and makes custom collars and leashes with agility in mind. She can be reached for questions or classes at or through her website at


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