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DAWG Teaches Homeschoolers About Dogs

Educating children on canine body language basics are skills that will last a lifetime. By Brenna Fender

This spring, Dallas Agility Working Group (DAWG) entertained 30-plus children, teaching them about approaching a dog safely, aspects of canine care and the sport of dog agility.

In March, several different groups of home-schooled children were invited to attend an agility trial hosted by DAWG in Texas. Competitors and their dogs performed various tricks and commands for the kids. Also, competitors demonstrated the correct way to greet a new dog. The children also received handouts and a video teaching them how to approach dogs and what dogs might be indicating via their barks.

DAWG member and trainer TC Cappell invited a boy from a visiting homeschool group
to try his hand at trick training with her dog, Shrek. 

Competitors took time to answer questions and introduce their dogs to the children. 

DAWG member and trainer TC Cappell demonstrates her dog Iko's weaving skills
by making students into weave poles!

Events like these are great ways for USDAA clubs to reach out to the public and make a difference in a community. These children were entertained and educated at the same time. Thanks, DAWG!

Special thanks to Charlene Chaney for her assistance with this article.
All photos by Donna Fernandez

Brenna Fender is a freelance writer and is Associate Managing Editor and Special Projects Assistant at Clean Run. She lives in Florida with her husband, two children, three dogs, two rabbits, and a ridiculous number of guppies. You can read her blog (, buy her stuff ( or contact her at


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