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You Gonna Eat That?

Dogs tastes differ from ours and can sometimes get them into trouble. Zukes resident on-call veterinarian, Dr. Jen Deming, DVM explains.

The saying goes that "curiosity killed the cat" but it can also be applied to our dogs. One of the ways dogs taste the world is through their mouths. Putting things into their mouths is one thing, but when our dogs start eating things theyre not supposed to, it can create blockages in their digestive system and damage to our bank accounts.

Some dogs swallow things accidentally while others develop a liking for certain objects. Rocks, tennis balls, toys of all shapes and sizes, blankets, shoes and even clothing are all things Dr. Jen has encountered over the years in her practice. Read more

Dr. Jennifer Deming, DVM is the resident on-call veterinarian for Zuke's Healthy, Natural Dog Treats.


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