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2016 IFCS-Team USA Update

Here are the details on selecting team members for 2016 and fundraising efforts.

The 2016 IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) will be held in Laag-Soren, The Netherlands April 13-17, 2016. (Note: this date was changed by one week not to conflict with Kings Weekend in The Netherlands).

2016 IFCS World Team Selection Events
There are two Team USA selection trials for this event. The first is in October with the 2015 Cynosport® World Games, October 21-25, 2015. The second is the first IFCS World Team Selection Event (WTSE) to be held in Belton, Texas, January 22-24, 2016.

2016 IFCS World Team Selection Process
Twenty (20) dog and handlers make up the IFCS team (5 per jump height). A points system is used to determine the first four team members in each height. One team member per IFCS jump height will be selected from Cynosports. Three team members per height will be selected from the Team Selection Event. In addition, one team member and dog can be selected from a previous years IFCS medalist. The previous medalist position and alternate handlers and dogs will be chosen by the team coach with USDAA approval, after the WTSE in January 2016.

2016 Team Fundraising
The IFCS team is largely self-funded, meaning that apart from the entry fees and uniforms which are paid for by USDAA, all other travel expenses for handlers and dogs are paid for by the individual team members.

Team members participate in fund raising activities throughout the year and the money raised is distributed equally among the team members after the event. Each member of the 2015 team received $900 towards their travel expenses. The actual cost of travel and accommodations to Europe per team member and dog ranges between $2,500-$3,000.

Please visit the Team Sponsor page on the Team USA website and support the organizations who supported Team USA in 2015.

The fundraising for 2016 will kick off with the IFCS Schooling Rings at the 2015 Cynosport World Games and the sale of team supporter merchandise. We hope you will stop buy our booth and have fun training your dogs at the event in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Remember, donations and contributions for Team USA go to United States Association of Cynological Sports, a nonprofit corporation with tax exempt, charitable status, whose purpose is to support international amateur sports with dogs. Contributions are tax deductible as charitable donations pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please contact Team USA Coach Rachel Sanders at with questions or submit your Intent to Compete form by Sept. 30, 2015.

Photos courtesy of Erika Maurer. 


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