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From Helen McNenly, 2015 Cynosport Trial Secretary.

Cynosport entries are pouring in daily. Thank you for sending your entries in early! If you're waiting to send in your entry, here are some tips and reminders from Helen.

Closing Date - all entries must be received by Helen by midnight EST Saturday, September 12.  The fax number listed in the test schedule goes to the USDAA office and I won't receive your entry until the following Monday!

Remember, not all mail delivery services deliver on Saturdays (I dont get UPS on Saturday here,) so if you are using a delivery service, make sure you set it to arrive by Friday. If it isn't here by Saturday, you will not be competing at Cynosport! You can scan your entry along with credit card info and email it to me:

Provisional Entries - Please do not wait until the closing date to send your entry!! If you are attending the Western Regional over Labor Day weekend and trying to earn semifinal byes, you can still enter early!

  • Write one check to cover fees as if you DO have your semifinal byes.
    • Remember to check the provisional entry box for those classes. 
    • Also include a $5 check for each bye that you are trying to earn. If you DO get the byes, the $5 checks will be shredded.

If you are not fully qualified (yet) in one or two tournaments but are still planning on entering Cynosport, write one check for the tournaments for which you ARE qualified.

  • Then include separate checks for the tournaments that you are still trying to qualify for.
  • If you do not happen to get those Q's, then those checks will be shredded.

In all cases listed above, please email me ASAP after Labor Day!

  • If I do NOT hear from you by September 12, I will assume you were NOT successful in your quest for either semifinal byes or additional Q's. 
  • Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to change entries after the closing date!

What class to enter - Quarterfinals or Semifinals?

  • If you have a semifinal bye for either GP/PGP or STP/PSJ, you MUST enter the semifinals only.
  • If you enter the quarterfinals, it negates your bye into the semifinals and you'll need to qualify out of the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinals.
  • Pay for only ONE round  quarterfinals or semifinals, but not both.

Team Stuff

  • If you're still looking for a teammate (or two), please send your entry in now if you're planning to enter.
  • When you find a teammate, email me and I'll update your entry. It's much easier to team up dogs if your dog is already entered in Cynosport.
  • If you have a team, but are still coming up with a name, please send your entry in anyway. When you decide on the perfect name, email me and I can update your entries.

Wondering if I've received your entry?

  • Entries are coming in now and will start to arrive at my house in bulk very shortly. I will be posting a list of Entries on Hand and Entries Processed on my site These lists will be updated at least nightly, and more frequently the week before and week after closing.
  • If you are NOT on either of those lists, then I do not have your entry! Please pass this along to your friends as it saves everyone from worrying if their entry arrived.
  • Note, that if you send in your entry along with a bunch of other people, I will only list the return address name on the front of the envelope. When entries start arriving in bulk, I will not have time to open every envelope in advance.

Other Helpful Information

  • Any questions regarding RVs go to Heather Smith at
  • The warm up class is Jokers Wild
  • Crating reservation forms and payment should be included with your entry forms and sent to the trial secretary.  All information will be forwarded to the crating coordinator after closing.
  • For confirmations that are sent after the initial preliminary confirmations, I often hit a sending limit.
  • Your subsequent confirmations may come from either or 
    Please set your spam filters, address books and white lists to accept mail from either of these two email addresses

Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word! You can also download this document and use it as a reference.

Helen McNenly,
2015 Cynosport Secretary


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