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A message from Kenneth Tatsch, USDAA President.

With the 2015 regional championship season concluding earlier this month, be sure to visit the news pages to see coverage of the final regionals of the 2015 tournament season. We now turn our attention to the Cynosport® World Games in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, being held October 21-25.

The Murfreesboro venue at Middle Tennessee State University was well received for Cynosport 2013. As with any venue, there are always areas for improvement. With lighting in the annex adjacent to the main arena being one of the few issues arising in 2013, we have taken steps to enhance existing lighting fixtures. We are revamping rotations to improve on scheduling for what is expected to be another banner Cynosport event.

As a first for Cynosport and USDAA in general, we are introducing instant replay as a judging tool to the final rounds of key tournaments. Having worked with instant replay in IFCS events for the past few years, we are pleased to afford judges this type of support on a pilot basis this year at Cynosport. More information on how this will work will be distributed at check-in.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the sponsorship of Zuke's All Natural, Healthy Dog Treats, whose treat products were distributed at our U.S.-based regional championships this year. They will have a presence at Cynosport 2015, as an official sponsor, and we encourage everyone to visit their booth and learn more about their high quality products, while showing appreciation for their support of this year's major tournament events.

We are also pleased to announce that VetriScience® Laboratories, the makers of Glyco FLEX® joint health supplements, have signed on as a proud sponsor of the 2015 Cynosport World Games. As a pioneer in joint health supplements for dogs, Glyco FLEX is recommended for working dogs, senior dogs, active dogs and any dog in need of advanced joint support. It is formulated to provide support for mobility and addresses issues related to joint stress found in a dog's everyday activities.

Finally, as happens every year at this time, the 2016 tournament season kicks off. Tournament regulations for the coming year are being published this week. Qualification standards for 2016 are largely unchanged from 2015, but there have been some clarifications to wording in response to interpretive issues that arose this past year. Check them out in the Rules & Regulations of section on


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