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Pioneer of Dog Agility-Heather Smith

Welcome Heather Smith into the USDAA Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Dog Agility.

Imagine a time when there was no dog agility competition in North America and few knew of the young sport. There were no events, no training classes, no seminars ...

The year was 1985 when USDAA founder and President Ken Tatsch returned from a trip to England where he had first witnessed dog agility and sought out fellow trainers to explore this exciting new sport in his home town of Dallas, Texas. 

Over the course of two years, a group of dedicated individuals drew together, building obstacles from scrap materials, carrying it out to the park on a weekly basis, and inviting others to try this never before experienced sport we call dog agility.

These efforts led to public exhibitions and ultimately to hosting an exhibition competition at a large public venue in Houston, Texas.  

USDAA founder Ken Tatsch and some other initial collaborators have been previously recognized in the Hall of Fame for these early endeavors, and this year, we recognize Heather Smith, who was a part of those pioneering efforts. 

Heather helped formalize and shape the Dallas Agility Working Group, now celebrating 30 years, while Ken Tatsch formed USDAA and set out on fulfilling a vision of growing the sport with a sense of purpose across the country and beyond.

Since that time, Heather Smith has continued to be active in many capacities with the Dallas Agility Working Group, and serving on the staff of USDAA since 1990, overseeing office needs and later coordinating logistics for USDAA's tournaments and USDAA's Cynosport World Games.

A tribute long over due, Heather Smith is valued added to the USDAA Hall of Fame as a Pioneer in Dog Agility.  


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