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Congratulations to the Team and Versatility Pairs Winners!

Congratulations to the Team and Versatility Pairs Winners at the 2015 World Cynosport Games!

Performance Versatility Pairs Winners

1. The Steaming Wieners - Cathy Irvine and Phoenix and Shawna Richgels and Crush R
2. Rice is Zen Powered - Daneen Fox and Zen and Sarah Baker and Rice
3. What are They Eating NOW!? - Brenda Kelly and Luna and Catherine Laria and Paint

Dog Agility Masters Team Winners

1. Screaming Hot Sibs - Cassandra Schmidt and Bliss, Suzanne Wesley and Scorch and Terry Herman and Idgie
2. Grommit Jolt Luna - Tawni Millet and Jolt, Maria Badamo and Gromit, and Shane Miller and Luna
3. Red Dragons! - Morganne Wagoner-Perry and Soleil, Delaney Ratner and Kelso and Giuliana Lund and Harlow


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