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World Pet Diabetes Day

November 14th has been designated World Pet Diabetes Day to bring attention to the prevention and care of this disease that affects our pets.

World Diabetes Day (November 14th) and National Pet Diabetes Month (November) were both created by veterinary organizations in order to highlight the incidence of diabetes among our pets and how to implement prevention and care strategies.

Diabetes is increasing each year in dogs and humans, most likely due to people and dogs living longer and leading more sedentary lifestyles and increases in obesity. Just as with humans, moving to a healthier lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, can decrease the incidence of diabetes in dogs.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has a short helpful video on the subject of pet diabetes. The Pet Diabetes month website has some PDF downloads on the signs and symptoms of diabetes, a checklist to use when visiting your veterinarian, and a guide for pet sitters caring for a client's dog with the condition.

Photo Credit: Paul-andré Belle-isle © Dreamstime Stock Photos


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