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Dogs Shed More in the Winter and Spring

Have you noticed an increase in your dog's shedding now that we're in the midst of winter?

According to Ann Everhart, a writer for the American Animal Hospital Association, pets tend to shed more in the winter and spring if they are dogs that spend a good amount of time outdoors. Dogs that generally are "indoor" dogs will shed lightly as they are not experiencing the wide temperature swings that a dog that regularly goes outside for exercise will. A dog's shedding process can take from three to eight weeks, and dogs with an undercoat shed about twice year, while topcoat dogs shed about once a year.

Everhart quotes Dr. Kelly Kirk, a veterinarian, who recommends regularly brushing your dogs on a schedule during these high shedding times to keep the fur from flying all over your house. Regular bathing can help as well to control shedding. To read more, visit the AAHA website.

Photo credit: 2546 Little Piper pup in the snow cropped via photopin (license)


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