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Dogs Have Been Man's Best Friend for Even Longer Than Once Thought

A new study by scientists has found that dogs have been with humans far, far longer than we previously had theorized.

Scientists had long believed that dogs were domesticated from wolves about 10,000 years ago in Europe. However a new study has found that dogs have been working with man since approximately 33,000 years ago and came to Europe from southeast Asia.

Professor Peter Savolainen from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden led a study of members of the dog genome, which includes wolves, wild and village dogs in Asia and Africa and a variety of breeds we live with today. They found that dogs in southeast Asia had more genetic diversity and related more closely to wolves than domestic dogs, which led to their estimation that dogs came into being around 33,000 years ago in southeast Asia. About 15,000 years ago, some of these early dogs migrated to the Middle East and Africa and eventually came to Europe around 10,000 years ago. Read more about this fascinating study!

Photo credit: friends via photopin (license)


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