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2016 IFCS World Team Members Named

Congratulations to all the members of the 2016 IFCS Team USA!

USDAA is well represented for the 2016 IFCS World Agility Championships, April 13-17 in Laag-Soeren, Netherlands. Team members were selected based on their performance at Cynosport 2015 or the World Team Selection Event held this past January. This year's team will be coached again by Rachel Sanders. Congratulations to everyone! 

12" (30 cm)
Mike Padgett & Kona (from Cynosport)
L. Joy Mercier & Chiquita
Yukari Nishimura & Simba
Laurie Zurborg & Rodent
Andy Mueller & Crackers (Past Medalist)
Linda Womer & Sonic - Alternate

16" (40 cm)
Marcy Mantell & Stripe (from Cynosport)
Karen Beattie Massey & Bella
Mike Padgett & Elsie
Chip Gerfen & Trudi
Janyes Lemons & Skylar - Alternate

22" (55 cm)
Jeannine Doepke & Jill (from Cynosport)
Catherine Laria & Blizzard
Chris Tucci & Bratska
Brenda Kelly & Deja Vu
Kerry Smith & Hype
Kate Moureaux & Smart (Past Medalist)
Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble - Alternate

26" (65 cm)
Melanie Miller & Grit (from Cynosport)
Shane Miller & Luna
Desiree Snelleman & Pace
Jamie Herren & Zip
Jody Lolich & Skillz (Past Medalist)
Rachel Sanders & Gifted - Alternate

You can help support IFCS Team USA with a donation to help offset travel costs for the entire team. The United States Association of Cynological Sports (USACS), is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to support international amateur sports with dogs. 

All contributions are tax deductible as charitable donations. You can find all the details about IFCS Team USA at  

Remember to catch all the action April 14 through 17 on and later at your convenience with video on demand. 


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