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USDAA President Ken Tatsch' s letter from the February Overview newsletter.

We're excited to announce that TitleMania® is officially registered as an Olympic Day event. Olympic Day events are designed to engage youth and their families in promoting the Olympic values and ideals of fair play, perseverance, respect and sportsmanship.

Helping to shape TitleMania is the introduction of the first World Cynosport Rally Championships. The rally tournament will be a three-day event and will also offer titling opportunities. Bringing both rally and dog agility together under one roof will enhance the family atmosphere and help fulfill goals for the Olympic Day celebration. Other activities are also being discussed.

TitleMania is being held June 16-19, in the state-of-the-art, indoor stadium at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. The Rally event will be held at the same facility over three days, June 17-19. More details on both events will be coming soon.

We are also excited to see 20 people participating in the judging clinic in Dallas, Texas this week. Whether you want to be a judge, or simply want to up your game, judging clinics are great way to learn about dog agility in a more in-depth manner. Even though the Dallas clinic is now full, we have another one scheduled in Minnesota at the end of June, and we are working on a third in Mexico (conducted in Spanish) later this year.

If you haven't seen recent posts on the USDAA web site, please check out the latest rule change on new handler options to transfer between programs when a dog measures up at an event. A new policy change has also been published that allows training as part of a Miscellaneous class when offered at a local event.

In the past, Miscellaneous classes typically included non-titling classes other than tournaments. The new Policy Statement sets forth the criteria necessary when training is to be permitted as part of the class. A group has great latitude in defining the class under the policy, and it should prove popular for those seeking limited training opportunities at live events. If you have any questions regarding these topics, please write us at

Finally, bitches in season (BIS) are again being permitted to enter regional championships and annual events. Because of the limited opportunity to compete in such events, BIS were permitted to participate in these special events since spring 2015, and we have seen no notable incidents in this practice to-date. Allowing BIS to compete has been a standard practice in some countries overseas for a number of years, and the question has been raised here whether the rule could be extended to local events if a host club wishes to do so. We recognize the difference between local and special events, so we have drafted a short survey to collect opinions on this subject. Please take a brief moment to complete the survey. Meanwhile, we are in process of prioritizing other topics that will be discussed with the Advisory Committee in coming weeks.


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