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Health & Fitness Wednesdays: Is Your Vet on Social Media?

For today's Health & Fitness Wednesday article, we talk about why we should follow our veterinarians on social media.

Is your veterinary clinic making use of social media? If they are, have you considered following them? Here's some reasons from the American Animal Hospital Association on why this is a great idea.

How well do you know your veterinarian, and the people who work at the clinic, such as other veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and the front desk staff? If your veterinary clinic makes good use of social media, you'll learn more about the people who take care of your pets which can be comforting particularly when you might need to board them or if they are having serious medical issues. That human element can definitely make a different in times of crisis, but also on the good days as well!

Many veterinary clinics who use social media also actively promote information on good health tips for caring for your pets, and will post important alerts such as recalls of food and medications. They may also post information such as training tips or general care such as how to trim your pets' nails, brush their teeth and groom them.

Some veterinary clinics also encourage clients to post pictures of their pets on their social media pages, so if you enjoy looking at cute pictures of dogs, cats and other types of pets, this can be a fun way to do that. And you can post your own pets too!

You may also learn about new products, special offers and promotions, and general clinic announcements via their social media, which can possibly help you save some money when a clinic is offering a "senior care month" or "pet dental special."

One of the great things about social media is that it allows you to have a back and forth communication with whomever you're following. If you want to ask some questions, or give some feedback about service, posting comments on a clinic's Facebook page is one way to easily do so, and even engage in "conversation" with other clients.

So if you haven't already checked to see if your veterinary clinic is online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites, AAHA definitely recommends you give it a try and learn more about your clinic, the people who staff it, and tips for pet care.

Photo credit: who dat dur? via photopin (license)


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