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This month's message from USDAA President Ken Tatsch, from the March OVERview newsletter.

The recent release of the rules and regulations for Title Mania® is creating excitement in the agility community. Information on the event is now being published on The best way to describe this event is a titling extravaganza providing you an opportunity to earn multiple titles in Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Standard Agility, all at one show. But more than that are the prestigious Title Mania special awards recognizing top performances for consistency. There are many great trainers and competitors deserving of recognition for their success in training reliable fundamentals and turning in consistent, top performances. See the event regulations for more details.

TitleManiaYou will be glad to know that if you have friends at other venues whove been reluctant to try USDAA, Title Mania is open to competitors from any agility venue. This event is a great opportunity to get them involved, as Title Mania goes beyond a regular titling event in that any handler can choose to compete at a higher level than provided for in USDAA title regulations.

Having a choice to enter a higher level for titles in Title Mania allows someone competing for years in other venues the opportunity to test their skills at the level of their comfort, accomplishment and abilities. For those not meeting the prerequisites for titles under existing USDAA regulations, any qualifications earned at Title Mania are reserved, meaning they count toward titles in the future, once eligibility (or special registration requirement) is met. In any case, everyone competes for Title Mania event special awards.

Fundraising continues for Team USA to participate in the 2016 IFCS World Agility Championships in April. Most competitors representing the U.S. work full-time jobs to support their families. Traveling overseas with a dog is costly, and competitors are left to their own devices to make the trip. Financial assistance through private donations and sponsorships helps reduce the burden for each team member and lets them focus on providing a safe journey for themselves and their canine teammates. USDAAs creation of the United States Association of Cynological Sports, a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity to which contributions are tax deductible, makes such contributions easier than ever. 

If you are able to contribute support Team USA, simply log on to to make your tax deductible, charitable contribution. All contributions of $25 or more will be sent a Team USA lapel pin as evidence of your support. Also, you can now purchase Team USA apparel by visiting the IFCS Team USA is the official website for United States Association of Cynological Sports (USACS). If you prefer to send a check or money order please make it payable to USACS, and mail to PO Box 940225, Plano, TX  75094-0225. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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