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South Central Regional Results

Congratulations to all the winners at this past weekend's regional in Denton, TX!

by Heather Smith

The Diamond T Arena in Denton, TX proved to be the ideal setting for the South Central Regional. The surface was ready for each day's rounds. Competitors were able to watch the competition while having lunch ringside (separated by a buffer area inside the arena). The atmosphere was very relaxed and cordial. Competitors had ample green space to relax outdoors with their dogs and the weather was just beautiful, cool with a slight breeze - no snow here! There was ample crating on the concrete area without feeling crowded. Texas BBQ was available just steps outside the building.

South Central Regional Team Overall

1st place qualifiers: Piranha's Pony Ride - Vette/Sangie Brooks, Tess/Alice Reinkemey, Gromit/Maria Badamo

2nd place qualifiers: Shark 'n Bark - Buckle/Robert Angel, Deacon/Elizabeth Blanchard, Mako/Kristie Moser

3rd place qualifiers: Jake & the International Midgets of Mystery - Francine/Courtney Keys, Jake/Samantha Ferrie, Race(Pap)/Kacey McKinney (just out of frame)

Masters Challenge Biathlon 26"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Mako & Kristie Moser

2nd place qualifier - Legitimate & Kelsey Kirkpatrick

3rd place qualifier - Gromit & Maria Badamo

Masters Challenge Biathlon 22"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Harlow & Giuliana Lund

2nd place qualifier - Pogo & Lindsey Hinds

3rd place qualifier - Perk & Jen Yates

Masters Challenge Biathlon 18"

1st place Regional Champion - Idgie & Mary Moore 

2nd place qualifier - Colt & Jennifer Thomas

Masters Challenge Biathlon 16"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Ryder & Cindy Murray

Masters Challenge Biathlon 14"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Pixel & Ami Sheffield

2nd place qualifier - Trek & Brittany Schaezler

3rd place qualifier - Minipup & Howard Boyle (not shown)

Masters Challenge Biathlon 12"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Francine & Courtney Keys

2nd place qualifier - Bongo & Betty Carter

Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon 20"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Force & Kim Terrill

2nd place qualifier - Dexter & Zoe Beatty 

3rd place qualifier - Max & Jeff Ngo

Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon 16"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Shane & Courtney Moore

2nd place qualifier - Skoal & Martine Kopka

3rd place qualifier - Sophie & Alice Reinkemeyer

Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon 12"

1st place qualifier/Regional Champion - Ticket & Brittany Schaezler

2nd place qualifier - Daggy & Mike Tah

3rd place qualifier - Trip & Brittany Schaezler

PVP Overall

1st place: Short N Sweet -  Luna/Sangie Brooks & Rodeo/Jennifer Thomas

2nd place: Sumthin Bad Bout to Happen - Chica/Jason Bennett & Vapor/Lucy Long

3rd place: A Red, A Blue, A Dash of Daggy Too!  - Daggy/M Tah & Dash/Jenna Williams

Steeplechase 26"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Decoy & Lori Hebert

2nd place SF - Legitimate & Kelsey Kirkpatrick

3rd place SF - Gromit & Maria Badamo

Steeplechase 22"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Tonic & Jennifer Denereaz

2nd place SF - Hop & Jeff Ngo

3rd place SF - Harlow & Giuliana Lund

Steeplechase 18"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Maddie & Jenna Williams

2nd place SF - Idgie & Mary Moore

3rd place SF - Joss & Linda Johns

Steeplechase 16"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Kai & Caroline King

Steeplechase 14"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Pixel & Ami Sheffield

2nd place SF - Rukia & Giuliana Lund

3rd place SF - Maddie & Sara Franson

Steeplechase 12"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Race & Kacey McKinney

2nd place SF - Francine & Courtney Moore

Performance Speed Jumping 20"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Force & Kim Terrill

2nd place SF - Quid & Elizabeth Neuman

3rd place SF - Rody & Julie Watson

Performance Speed Jumping  16"

1st place SF/Regional Champion Ace & Kelsey Kirkpatrick

2nd place SF - Dewley & Patty Drom

3rd place SF - Shane & Courtney Moore

Performance Speed Jumping 12"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Rodeo & Jennifer Thomas

2nd place SF - Lane & Robert Angel

3rd place SF - Trip & Brittany Schaezler

Performance Speed Jumping 8"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Louie & Debbie Moore

2nd place SF - Roxie & Elizabeth Blanchard

3rd place SF - Tommy & Deva Wilson

Grand Prix 26"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Tess & Alice Reinkemey

2nd place SF - Gromit & Maria Badamo

3rd place SF - Decoy & Lori Hebert

Grand Prix 22"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Tonic & Jen Denereaz

2nd place SF - Harlow & Giuliana Lund

3rd place - Hop & Jeff Ngo

Grand Prix 18"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Ici & Lori Pope

2nd place SF - Colt & Jennifer Thomas

3rd place -  Joss & Linda Johns (not pictured)

Grand Prix 16"

1st place Regional Champion - Ben & Peggy DeMers

2nd place - Bode & Bevy Boyer

3rd place - Tess & Kerry Jenkins

Grand Prix 14"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Jasper & Myssie Zerm

2nd place SF - Streak & Brittany Schaezler

3rd place SF - Trek & Brittany Schaezler

Grand Prix 12"

1st place Regional Champion - Francine & Courtney Keys

Performance Grand Prix 20"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Force & Kim Terrill

2nd place SF - Tazer & Ami Sheffield

3rd place SF - Averie & Samantha Ferrie

Performance Grand Prix 16"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Brink & Jennifer Konrad

2nd place SF - Shane & Courtney Moore

3rd place SF - Dewley & Patty Drom

Performance Grand Prix 12"

1st place SF/Regional Champion - Rodeo & Jennifer Thomas

2nd place SF - Chase & Deborah McBride

3rd place - Ticket & Brittany Schaezler

Performance Grand Prix 8"

1st place SF/Regional Champion- Bodie & Patricia Horton

2nd place SF - Tommy & Deva Wilson

3rd place SF - Roxie & Elizabeth Blanchard


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