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2016 IFCS Snooker & Triathlon Jumping Courses & Results

Day 2 courses & results for the IFCS World Championships

Day 2 of the IFCS World Agility Championships features Individual Snooker, the first of the Individual All-Around classes, and the national team Triathlon Jumping class.

The Russian team dominated capturing 8 of 12 medals awarded in the Snooker class, with Canada, Italy and The Netherlands taking the other four. We are awaiting posting of results, which have been delayed due to a technical issue as of the time this article is posted. Please check back at a later time for results. See some action shots on USDAA's Facebook page and the USACS facebook page at
Running orders are available for those watching the video stream HERE.

Individual Snooker

Judge's Briefing notes: Allowed times
Maxi & Medium - 40 seconds
Mini - 45 seconds
Toy - 48 seconds

Opening Period

General rules
" The Start and finish jumps are live during the opening and closing sequences.
" Only three reds may be performed (successfully or unsuccessfully).
" All Obstacles may be performed in either direction including the start and finish jumps.
" Refusals are not judged in the opening, but touching a color obstacle makes the choice of which obstacle is to be taken and the direction it must be taken.
" Going under a jump bar or jumping over the wing of a jump of a color obstacle dictates direction for performance.
" Once the dog has entered the weave poles and begun the performance, this obstacle must be completed in that direction.
" If an obstacle attempt is unsuccessful, but completed, the judge will call out "no" and no points will be awarded.
" If an attempt at an obstacle is successful, the judge will call out the number of the obstacle.

Combination obstacle rules
" Combinations (obstacles 4 & 6) consist of more than one element which may be performed in any order. Example 4 can be performed in any order and in any direction provided each element is only performed once and no other obstacles are performed between the 3 elements of obstacle 4. Similarly obstacle 6 consists of 4 elements which can be performed in any order and in any direction provided that the tunnels are performed once each and the jump performed twice. No other obstacles may be performed between the four elements of obstacle 6) 
" Failure to complete the combination correctly shall end the scoring.
" When any element is refused by the dog, this element can be retaken before the next element or other obstacle, to score the points of that combination.

Closing Period
" All obstacles to be performed as numbered
" Refusal are judged and faulted, resulting in end of scoring.
" Must perform the finish jump to get a course time.

Team Triathlon Jumping 


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