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Titlemania Closing Date Coming Up - May 9th!

Come be a part of this great inaugural event in Geneva, OH, June 16-19, 2016!

We're excited that our Inaugural USDAA Title Mania® Event is just weeks away! The event takes place June 16 through 19 at the beautiful SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. We are very proud that the event has been registered as an Olympic Day event through the U.S. Olympic Committee Olympic Day program. The public will be invited to learn about the Olympic spirit as well as about the scope and key details of sports with dogs.

Title Mania is a titling extravaganza! It's designed to give you three separate opportunities to compete in the same class - Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Standard under different judges - enough to earn multiple titles at one show!

The event is open to all competitors, from every agility venue. All competitors, even if you've never competed in USDAA before, can compete at a higher level than required for regulation titling based upon your level of comfort, accomplishment and abilities.

Plus, the top ranked competitors at each level (Starters/PI, Advanced/PII, Masters/PIII and Veterans) will be awarded the Title Mania Dog of the Year in Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Standard. Masters Challenge/PMC TitleMania Dog of the Year awards are open to everyone at all levels.

Title Mania Versatility Champion awards will be given in each jump height for Championship, Performance and Veterans.

Held in concert with Title Mania will be the WCRL Rally World Championships. Its premium list has been posted on the WCRL website event calendar and on its event web site. Information can also be followed at the event's Facebook page. You can also sign up for updates via email at the event site for Title Mania and for the WCRL World Rally Championships.

You can read the Test Schedule on the Title Mania website, and like the Title Mania Facebook page to follow for updates. Information on the 2017 IFCS World Team Selection is also available. Four (4) team members (one each in 12", 16", 22", & 26" height classes) will be selected at Title Mania in the following classes:

  • Rounds 2 & 3 of Masters Challenge Standard Agility
  • Rounds 2 & 3 of Masters Challenge Jumpers
  • Round 3 of Masters Gamblers
  • Round 3 of Masters Snooker

Hotel information for Title Mania is available on the event website. Room blocks under USDAA are good until May 15!

We look forward to seeing you at USDAA's Title Mania!!!


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