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July 4th Holiday Tips

In order to have a safe holiday for you and your pets, here are some tips!

July 4th is a holiday that dog owners often associate with fireworks and dealing with dogs how find the noise distressing. There are many other safety concerns that we should be aware of as well. Here's a quick reminder of some July 4th holiday tips:

Picnics and BBQs - If you're having a holiday outdoor feast, remember to keep your dogs away from food items, particularly alcohol if any will be on hand. Other foods that are toxic to dogs include onions, avocados, grapes, garlic, and more (for a longer list visit the ASPCA website.) Other items to be sure to keep pets away from include lighter fluid, matches citronella candles and oil for tabletop burners and tiki torches.

Fireworks and Other Items - Keep smaller firework items such as sparklers and noise makers away from dogs. In addition to scaring them, these can contain toxic ingredients if the dog ingests them. Another popular item this time of year are "glow" sticks and bracelets. The ingredients that cause them to glow is not poisonous but can cause stomach upset and even an intestinal blockage if the dog chews up large pieces of a glow stick.

Medication - Do not use items such as sunscreen or insect repellents on your dog unless they are specifically made for dogs. If you are concerned about sunburn or bugs, talk to your vet about pet-friendly alternatives.

Swimming - If your dog will be swimming with you at a pool, lake or at the ocean, make sure you are observing them for water intoxication. Depending on the natural water source, you may also want to make sure the water is safe and clear of algae or bacteria that could harm your dog. And of course, if using a swimming pool, the pool should have exits the dog knows how to use and all swimming should be supervised. An extra level of safety would be fitting the dog with a dog-friendly life vest.

Finally always make sure your dog has up to date ID tags and microchips. With all the noise and activity, it's always a possibility your dog may become spooked and lost and good idea and a plan ahead of time is crucial. Read Emergency Plan in the Event of a Lost Dog article for some preparation tips.

Enjoy a safe and happy Independence Day!

Photo credit: Jamie via photopin (license)


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