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Congratulations to our new USDAA Judges!

We're proud to share a list of our new USDAA judges.

After four days of lectures, continual Q & A, designing courses, discussing the rulebook and course design guidelines, taking a two-hour written test plus numerous scoring tests and actually judging dogs in a trial setting, we're proud to welcome the following people into the ranks of official USDAA Judges:

Starters/Advanced (under supervision)

  • Patrick Blasland
  • David Grems
  • Karl Johnson
  • Carla Mortensen
  • Jeff Mortensen

Masters (under supervision)

  • Emily Klarman
  • Kama Rueschenberg
  • Mica Tyler

In addition, the following judges are no longer under supervision:


  • Elise Carpenter
  • Bill Pinder
  • Valerie Reiner


  • Lauren Hansen
  • Dale Mahoney
  • Teri Thompson

USDAA Judging and Course Design Clinics are a great way to test your knowledge of the sport and gain a completely different perspective and appreciation for what goes into designing a course and judging. Whether you want to be a judge or not, Course Design Clinics also help you up your game from a competitors viewpoint. Its time well spent to learn every aspect of this sport we love so much.

The next clinic is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 14 through 16 in Mexico and will be conducted in Spanish. There will also be a Continuing Education clinic on Tuesday, Nov. 8 in Scottsdale before Cynosport. In addition, planning is underway for two full Judging/Course Design clinics in 2017. One in the west and one in the east.


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