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A Fond Farewell to Rickie Roo

Our condolences to Deborah Davidson Harpur on the sudden passing of her beloved Rickie Roo this past weekend.

Rickie Roo was one of the most famous dogs in agility and a true ambassador to the sport. Not only did she interview many other dogs, handlers, and judges from around the world, she also taught many junior handlers to learn to love the sport. Roo also ran with many USDAA judges over the course of her career too. She would run for anyone because she loved agility so much. 

Roo's love for agility showed with the smile on her face whenever she was competing. Even after being sidelined twice with Primary Lens Luxation, Rickie Roo came back and continued to run, play and be competitive. She had numerous podium placements at Regional Championships even after her eye surgeries left her with no depth perception and extremely far sighted. That's quite an accomplishment.

Rickie Roo touched many lives in her 8 years. Even if you were never fortunate enough to meet Rickie Roo and Deb in person, they still touched many lives and brought so much joy to the dog and agility community through their articles, interviews, videos, and photos they shared with the world. 

They also took the time to educate others on the importance of taking your dog to the vet routinely, but especially if something just didn't seem right. It was Deb's attention to detail with her dogs that saved Rickie Roo's eyesight and allowed her to continue competing.

To us, Rickie Roo was the worldwide roving reporter and dog agility ambassador. To Deb she was her joy, her special dog, and her heart and soul. 

Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge, Rickie Roo. We know you had many friends to greet you when you arrived, but know there are many more who miss you here on earth. Thank you for all you did for USDAA and dog agility. 

Our condolences again to Deb and her family.


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