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Competitor Spotlight - Tina and Darryl Power

A profile of Title Mania competitors Tina and Darryl Power and their three dogs, Loudon, Joliet and Rock.

Last month, Tina and Darryl Power packed up their RV and Border Collies and trekked the 220 some miles from their home in New York to Geneva, Ohio for Title Mania.

They competed with three of their dogs at the event - Loudon, Joliet and Rock. Thirteen-year-old Bristol spent the weekend with his human grandparents enjoying pancakes and French toast. Two-year-old Phoenix provided comic relief and entertainment for the Power "pack" by trying to make everyone adore her.

"Darryl and I had a great time at Title Mania," Tina recalls. "We were able to camp in our RV, use the Spire facilities (which were the cleanest we've ever used,) and walk to a local restaurant for dinner."

"The courses were fun to run, and the judges and USDAA staff were gracious and accommodating."

To prepare for the event, Tina trimmed all the dogs' nails and Darryl did a little A-frame practice with all of them. Mentally, they reminded each other that agility isn't saving lives. The dogs just want to run and get meatballs.

Their goals for the event were simple too. First and always, to have fun with their dogs and challenge themselves to handle the best they could. For nine-year old Loudon, Tina wanted to take advantage of earning some Qs towards both his Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award and Performance Dog Champion Award.

Darryl also wanted to hopefully knock off a few Standard Qs for six-year-old Joliet to help earn both her Gold ADCH and LAA awards.

Five-year-old Rock just moved to Performance and they both just wanted to work on Qs towards his PDCH after earning his ADCH a few months earlier.

These simple goals paid off!

Rock had three amazing Gamblers runs and came home with the PIII Gambler Dog of the Year award. A great achievement for a goofball and couch potato. After a high energy run, all he wants to do is sleep in your lap.

And not to be outdone by his younger brother, Loudon did the same in Standard and became the PIII Standard Dog of the Year! "Loudon is an old soul, but when he was young, he'd get so "over the top" during competition that he would jump and bite at the end of each run, which is not his normal personality. He's typically a gentle, sweet boy who allows anyone to do just about anything to him."

In fact, Loudon is a Certified Therapy Dog and has been part of a reading program for years. So, to redirect his energy and focus, it was suggested to train him to get his leash at the end of the run, so now he has an outlet to focus on, which stopped the behavior.

Joliet also had great runs and came close to making the podium, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Instead she focuses on making Tina and Darryl laugh. Her quirk is that when she gets picked up and petted, she growls, but the second you take your hand away, she's nudging you to keep petting her...and growling the entire time.

In between running three dogs and entertaining Phoenix, Tina and Darryl were also volunteering their hearts out. If they weren't building courses, they were setting bars, timing, scribing (or scriming) and even helping at the score table. And they did everything with a smile on their face, happy to help.

Tina said, "We personally know how much it takes to run events and workers make a huge difference in helping shows run smoothly."

USDAA staff were so impressed with their work ethic and dedication, Tina and Darryl were honored with the Volunteers of the Year award. "Darryl and I were honored to get this recognition," Tina stated.

Besides their five Border Collies, who are all named after Raceways or locations of Raceways, Tina and Darryl also have two cats - Fireball and Ned, who are named after racecar drivers. This naming tradition was started with their first Border Collie, Indy, who introduced them both to agility.

Darryl works part-time at a drapery company doing manufacturing and installation of window treatments. Until this year, he ran his own remodeling company, but now spends the majority of his time constructing their new agility building.

Tina is a CPA and Vice President at a Telecommunications company overseeing Project Management and Corporate Systems and Billing Development teams. Both of them teach all levels of agility on a part-time basis too.

Congratulations to both of you on your successes at Title Mania with your dogs and for being Volunteers of the Year. Thank you for demonstrating great sportsmanship on and off the agility course.

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