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Pain Awareness Month

September is Pet Pain Awareness Month.

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management has designated September as "Animal Pain Awareness Month." The IVAPM was formed to promote ethical pain management by veterinarians and educating them on the latest advances in research in chronic and acute pain in our pets.

As part of their educational campaign, the IVAPM provides a variety of free materials on their website. Their infographic poster is available for download (as well as last year's poster) and forms are available for dog, cat and horse owners to review with their veterinarian to diagnose pet pain.

The website also lists the common signs that your dog may be in pain. These include:

  • A refusal to walk over surfaces such as wood or vinyl which may be slippery.
  • A refusal to go up and/or down stairs.
  • Avoiding or outright refusal to jump up and/or down from things such as furniture, your car, etc.
  • Using their front legs to get up instead of their back legs.
  • Difficulty in lying down and excessive circling.
  • A decrease in normal physical activity such as running, playing, jumping, etc.
  • Putting more weight on their front legs than usual.
  • Worn down nails.
  • Becoming less social with people and/or dogs.
  • Sudden aggression toward other animals that is unusual.
  • Moving away from attempts to be brushed, petted or groomed.
  • Changes in normal sleep patterns.
  • Stiff body movements.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Sudden onset of housetraining issues.

If you see any signs of these symptoms in your dog, talk to your veterinarian. You can visit the IVAMP's website for more information as well.


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