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Resources for Disaster Planning for Pets

A collection of some helpful internet resources on disaster planning for pets.

The current situation with Hurricane Matthew is a good reminder that we should always be prepared to care for our pets in case of a natural disaster. We've put together some helpful resources below:

WebMd provides a helpful slideshow on disaster planning preparation for pets.

American Red Cross has tips for planning for your pet in an emergency situation., a site run by FEMA, has a short video on disaster planning. You can also download a PDF checklist of items to put together for an emergency pet kit.

The Centers for Disease Control also has several handouts you can download:

If you find yourself in a natural disaster and need to evacuate with your pet(s) and don't have a friend or family to stay with, you can use these sites to find pet friendly lodging:

If you live in one of the areas potentially affected by Hurricane Matthew, you can get up to the minute storm tracking information at the site.

Photo credit: Jdmoar (Off) Dog Portrait via photopin (license)


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