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The 2017 IFCS Team USA

Congratulations to our team members who will represent the US in Spain in April.

The 2017 IFCS Team USA will represent us at the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships in Valencia, Spain, April 26-30:

The complete team list, including alternates, is: 


Andy Mueller & Crackers (Medalist)

Linda Womer & Frenzi

Diane O'Reilly & Rauri Belle

Rachel Sanders & Tush

Robin Newman & Rabbit (Title Mania) 
(pictured below, third person from the right)

Ivette White & Roxy (Alternate)


Karen Beattie-Massey & Bella

Chip Gerfen & Trudi (Medalist)

Beth Martin & Keen

Judy Reilly & Tempest 

Melanie Rock & Coyote (Alternate)

Stephanie Diem & Inara (Title Mania)

(pictured third person from left)


Jeannine Doepke & Jill

Kerry Smith & Hype

Melanie Miller & Integrity

Cynthia Horner & Spice (Medalist)

(not pictured)

Mary Ann Wurst & Hijack (Alternate)

Brenda Kelly & Déjà Vu (Title Mania)

(pictured second from right)


Desiree Snelleman & Pace (Medalist)

Maria Badamo & Gromit

Anne Andrle & Super G

Melanie Rock & Puma

Jamie Herren & Zip (Alternate)

Alice Reinkenmeyer & Tess (Title Mania)

(pictured fourth from left)


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