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Frequently Asked Questions for the 2017 Jump Height Changes - Part 2

FAQs regarding the new 2017 Jump Heights.

Q: Why did you add another jump height to Performance?

A: The Performance Program over the past several years has become a robust program in its own right, though it smaller in numbers nationally than the championship program. By splitting the largest Performance class (16) and creating two separate classes that align with the structure for the championship program with the 22 and 20 classes, dogs are more properly matched for competition in their natural height ranges when jumping lower. Just as for the 20 and 22 classes in Championship Program, the 14 and 16 classes will provide more opportunity to recognize deserving performances that otherwise would go unnoticed in the combined, larger classes.

The major concern we heard repeatedly from competitors was to create equitable competition in the Performance Program. The new height added to the Performance Program reflects and addresses these concerns.

Q: What are the new Veterans jump heights?


Dogs Maximum Height
at Withers

2016 Veteran
Jump Height





16 "



Over 16"


Large and Extra Large

Q: Why are there now only three jump heights in the Veterans Program?

A: Reducing the jump heights to only three in the Veterans Program helps to maintain the health of our older, more experienced dogs.. It is especially important for the larger breed dogs to not have to over exert themselves when jumping. Again, this structure also provides an equitable competition for all sizes of dogs.

Q: What are the new Intro Program jump heights?


Dogs Maximum
Height at Withers
2017 Intro 
Jump Height

Q: Why aren't there any cutoff heights for the Intro Program?

A: The Intro Program is designed to help new competitors and young dogs get started in USDAA agility by measuring accomplishments in the early stages of training. Competitors may select from the available jump heights in order to serve their purpose in training and testing.

Q: My dog is permanently carded. Will I have to remeasure under this new system?

A. Only if you wish to avail yourself of one of the lower heights that are new under the new jump height structure.

You do NOT need to remeasure if:

  • your dog has been certified for the championship 18" height class and you wish to move to Championship 20", Performance 14", or Performance 16", since your dog is currently eligible for these heights based upon the measurement you have had verified to qualify for the current 18" class.

You DO need to remeasure if:

  • your dog measures more than 16 and no more than 17" and you wish to compete in the championship 16" class
  • your dog measures over 17.5" and no more than 19" and you wish to compete in the performance 14" class or the championship 20" class

Further procedural refinements are under consideration to establish parameters to expedite the remeasurement process. In some cases, only one measurement may be required, for example. Further procedural guidelines will be posted in the near future. 

Other circumstances could give rise to a need for measurement, such as if your dog measures just over a cutoff line and you wish to have them remeasured. If you have any questions, please contact the USDAA office at

Q: Must I wait until 12/28/2016 to remeasure my dog?

A. No; if you think you will want to compete in a new height class that requires measurement, you may do so at any time.

Q: What do I need to do to remeasure my dog if they need to be recertified?

A. To provide a simple, consistent process and easy transition, here are the steps required to have your dog re-measured:

  1. Login into Competitor Services on and click on your dog registration number on your dashboard. This will take you to your Dog Information Page, where you can print out a copy of your dogs record using a screen print function in your browser.
  2. Keep this copy of your record with your USDAA height card and other important paperwork
  3. Use this copy of your record the same way as you did your temporary card
    • You'll need three measurements from three different judges, one of which must be a certified measuring judge (CMJ)
    • Have each judge document the measurement accurately, then sign and date it.
    • This can be done on the bottom half of the page or on the reverse side of the page, as space permits.

   4. Once you get your required* measurements, send it into the office to be issued a new height card.

*The standard requirement is three measurements, one of which must be a Certified Measuring Judge; however, refinements to the re-measurement process based on specific parameters are currently being reviewed in order to expedite the process. More details will be published in the near future.

If you have additional questions regarding measurements, whether transitioning into a new jump height or not, please refer to Appendix D of the USDAA Official Rules and Regulations.

Q: Where can I find more information about the new jump heights?

A: There will be more information on the News Page of in coming weeks. You can also send an email with specific questions to


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