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Backyard Handling Mastery: 2 Jumps + Tunnel = 24 Challenges

It's Training Tuesday! Agility Nerd Steve Schwarz discusses his Backyard Handling Mastery challenge.

by Steve Schwarz

I wanted to create some sequences to demonstrate my "Backyard Handling Mastery" philosophy so I came up with these four obstacle layouts. Then I designed two sequences to exercise: Back Sides [BackSideQuadBackSideThreadleBackSidesBackSideOneJumpHandling], moving past obstacles, and Jump Wraps [JumpWrapHandling360JumpWrapHandlingJumpWrapJumpWrapNotes]. So now I want to challenge you to run them with ALL dog path variations. By my calculations that's 24 different paths with at least that many handling options!

These sequences may look easy but I think you'll find they are challenging to handle AND if you try to run a few of them in one session they'll also challenge your mental toughness to keep the sequence(s) and your handling straight.

Here are another two sequences. Notice I moved and increased the angle of the tunnel so it's easier to get your dog to the front side of the jumps:

Don't try them all at once, that's a lot of work! But do try them. Don't forget increasing or decreasing the spacing between obstacles also changes the handling challenges...

This blog was first published at Reprinted with kind permission of Steve Schwarz.

Steve Schwarz has been training and competing in agility and flyball since 1997. He focuses on helping handlers improve their communication with their dogs on course in a positive and light hearted manner. Steve brings an analytical approach from his engineering background to the study and training of agility.

In order to stay knowledgeable about current agility training techniques, Steve trains regularly with top agility handlers and attends multiple dog and agility training seminars each year. Steve competes in AKC, USDAA, UKI, and CPE venues and has competed in NADAC and UKC.

Steve also writes the longest running dog agility blog: AgilityNerd with regular articles and videos on agility training, handling, and course analysis.


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