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Important Notice from the FDA About Pets and the Medication Fluorouracil

The FDA just released an alert for pet owners who use the cancer treatment Fluorouracil.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration released a warning last week regarding the topical medication Fluorouracil. This medication is commonly provided in a skin cream and is used by persons suffering from cancer. The brand names are Carac, Effudex and Fluoroplex.

The FDA reports that there is a risk of serious illness and death from dogs ingesting the cream. So far there are five confirmed cases of dogs dying from accidentally eating a tube of the cream, or eating just a bit of it. The ASPCA Poison Control Center reports that dogs are most likely to ingest Fluorouracil by gnawing on a tube or from licking an owner after they have use the cream on their skin. Currently they have found that 30% of cases where a dog ingests the chemical lead to euthanasia of the dog.

The FDA strongly recommends that users of Fluorouracil ensure that their medications are kept in an area that your pet cannot access. If you apply the substance to your skin, make sure that you wash your hands completely and that you remove any residue that might fall on a towel, clothing, furniture, flooring or anywhere else. Do not allow your dog, or cat, to lick you anywhere near where you have applied the ointment to your skin. Finally if the worst happens and you find your pet has eaten some, bring them to an emergency veterinarian right away.

For more information, read more about the FDA's warning.


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