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The IFCS World Team held run throughs this past weekend in Leesburg, VA.

by Tracy Sklenar

The run throughs were held on Saturday, Jan 21st at A Click Above, LLC, in Leesburg, VA. An international standard course was set with other levels nested into it for less experienced teams. Each dog and handler team ran the course of their choice and received written feedback from team members. The team members worked to provide their thoughts on what went well as well as ideas on how to improve various aspects of training and handling.

The team members and staff also got to chat directly with the handlers, adding even more ideas and feedback! The local community showed tremendous support and that will go a long way towards helping the team's travel expenses.

Team USA sends it thanks to Elsie Maylott and Diann Gastley for hosting us at their amazing facility.

Photos provided by Ashley Anderson.

Run through video provided by Steffi Diem:


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