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Signs of Cancer in Pets

Do you know all the signs of cancer in pets?

February is the month for World Cancer Day (4th) and on Health and Wellness Wednesday, let's look at the signs of cancer in pets. In an article on PetMD and on the National Canine Cancer Foundation website, the signs dog owners should look out for in their pets include:

  • Problems with breathing, such as frequent coughing;
  • Any indications that the dog may be in pain, such as limping or other discomfort;
  • Appetite changes and/or refusal to eat or difficulty eating, as well as weight loss;
  • Housebreaking problems suddenly occurring, or other abnormalities related to urine or feces such as signs of blood;
  • Cuts or other small skin injuries that don't seem to heal;
  • Vomiting or diarrhea that does not dissipate;
  • Lack of energy and increased incidence of sleep and/or lethargy
  • Bad smelling ears, mouth or body odors that are unusual for your dog;
  • Bumps or growths on the dog's body.

If you notice any of a combination of these signs in your dog, visit your veterinarian to rule out cancer. About 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer annually so early detection is key!


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