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Meet Our Reporters for the Cynosport Games

Learn more about the people who will be keeping you informed about the events in Scottsdale.

We've found some awesome folks to help bring you coverage from the USDAA Nationals so that those of you sitting at home (like me!) will feel like you're there (almost).

Meet our three roving reporters:

Karey Krauter

My name is Karey Krauter and I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I've been hooked on agility for about ten years now.  My current dogs are Border Collies seven-year-old ADCH "Bump," and "Styx," who just turned two years old and just started competing a couple of months ago.  Both are entered in Scottsdale at 22" in team and Bump is in steeplechase and the GP-Semi's. 

Bump and I have been to both of the previous years at Westworld and look forward to our best year yet this year, especially since both of us are coming off of ugly injuries earlier this year.  I'll definitely be interested to see what improvements and changes have been made this year and I love to talk with people ringside all day long about courses and strategies and where to get the best lunch.  I'll do my best to pass it all on to you out there in the real world!

Tania Chadwick

This is Tania Chadwick, another reporter along with Karey Krauter and Simon Harvey.  I am also from California (Bay Area) and will be the first of us to arrive in Scottsdale.

I will be traveling with my Husband Tim, 2-year-old son Carter, and two dogs (one retired and one competing).  Packing for people and dogs for a week trip is a task in itself, but packing for a toddler&whew!  We may need to rent a U-haul to get it all there.

We'll be heading out this Saturday to a trial in Southern California to compete on Sunday and break up the trip.  Then, off to Scottsdale Monday morning.  We'll be doing the RV thing too, but having one delivered to Westworld.

Tuesday is Halloween, so if you're at Westworld and see a couple walking around with a 37" tall Dinosaur holding a trick-or-treat bucket&come say hello.

Simon Harvey

Hi there!  I'm one of the roving reporters who hope to give you an idea of what's going on in Scottsdale next week.  I'm the newbie in the group.  As a relative beginner in the sport of agility, I hope to give the newbie perspective of what it's like to go to a national agility event for the first time.  I'd love to hear from other first-timers and see how they're doing.  Also, because I have a mini-dog, I'm going to concentrate on talking to the mini-dog handlers at the event and find out about their experiences.

I just started competing a little over a year ago after taking about a year of classes.  I live in the city of Los Angeles.  Lucky is my first dog.  She's a shelter Cocker who I adopted when she was between six and eight months old.  I discovered that she had LOADS of energy and was very athletic so when I saw agility classes being offered by the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, where I was taking obedience, I thought Lucky would be a natural.  And I think she's been doing very well.  Although as you can see from my other post, I still never know what to expect from her, or from myself.  We haven't done this enough to achieve any level of "consistency."  So that should keep me on my toes, and you, dear reader, on the edge of your seat!  What WILL happen next?  Will Lucky take the first tunnel she sees?  Will she enthusiastically follow my perfect handling (if only)?  Or will she sniff her way into obscurity?  Stay tuned!

Brenna Fender is the editor for the USDAA's subscriber services portion of the website.  She is also a freelance writer, wife, and parent of three dogs, a cat, and one child (soon to be two).  Please contact Brenna at with comments, questions, or submissions.


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