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Karey's excitement builds as she readies for Scottsdale. Her attitude reflects a great outlook - making the grade is what happens prior to the event; the reward is just being there. . . Fan's needed?  Can you order those?  Or maybe it is a different kind of "fan" that may be needed?  Maybe . . . despite 50 degree nights, the daytime sun can heat up a bit in Scottsdale.  Forecast for event week is 70's and low 80's, with beautiful blue skies . . . and there are sure to be plenty of other types of "fans" there to watch as well . . . Do you have your team uniforms together?  A member of "Performance Matters" thinks their team shirts are "soooo cool".  Are yours?  Maybe we can get them to post a snapshot. . . Have you finished packing yet? . . . and see behind the scenes in preparations for the Cynosport World Games, with insight to the tasks and people who produce the event.

Read these and other stories through the Cynosport World Games blog, available at (click on Event Blog), or visit directly by visiting  Respond with comments to the authors or post your own tale before or during the event. 

Each day, be sure to jump to the News Page and read or listen to the podcast of each course analysis, and the reports from the show. Results to be posted daily.  Also check the Subscriber Services news page for other stories of interest.


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