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BARK Trial Report for October 2017

A report from BARK on their October 2017 trial.

  • Club: BARK
  • Club Location: American K9 Country in Amherst, New Hampshire on indoor on rubber matting.
  • Type of Trial: Local Tournament trial
  • Trial Dates: October 6-8, 2017
  • Trial Secretary: Valori Duff
  • Trial Chair: Lo Baker
  • Judge: Maureen Sullivan

Titles earned:

  • Nanci Cote and Twink - Starters Snooker and Jumpers
  • Kate Viles and Maeve - Starters Snooker
  • Amy Boisvert and Sparky - P1 Snooker
  • Sandy Cody and Jed - Standard Champion
  • Lee Ann Lyman and Idol - P1 Pairs
  • Kelly Gautreau and Tyme - Gamble Champion
  • Alanna Kelly and Cash - Starters Gamble
  • Maureen Melo and Gwen - Starters Gamble, Starters Standard and AD
  • Allana Kelly and Slick - MAD

Our Winners

Dog Agility Masters® Three-Dog Team

1. Two Hot Redheads Get a Clewe - Elise Moodie and Lily, Kim Smith and Sadie, Rachel Henry and Clewe

2. Pink is the New Black - Carolyn Hess and Pink, Bruce Thibodeau and Toby, Lynn Thibodeau and Tuukka

3. Too Young to Know Better - Sally McIntyre and Sinnie, Gail D'Avolio and Beasley, Mike Labriola and Dino

Performance Versatility PairsSM

1. Big Machines - Seth Dunn and Striker and Lauren Stein and The Pi Guy (Photo credit: Photo credit Valori Duff)

2. The Procrastinators - Lynn Thibodeau and Kaleigh and Rachel Henry and Gromit (Photo credit: Photo credit Lynn Thibodeau)

Grand Prix of Dog Agility®

10" Pink and Carolyn Hess

14" SeaSea and Dianne Traphagen

16" Boss and John Nys

20" Shine and Ashley Porter

22" Bestie and Kelly Wilson

24" Super G and Anne Andrle

Performance Grand PrixSM

8" Vinny and Beth Gagnon

12" Missy and Trish Murphy

16" The Pi Guy and Lauren Stein

20" Coast and Hannah Phelps

Dog Agility Steeplechase®

16" Boss and John Nys

22" Charlie and Wendy Crawshaw

24" Punch and Grace Buzanoski

Performance Speed JumpingSM

8" Dixie and Mike Labriola

12" Missy and Trish Murphy

14" Gus and Sally McIntyre

16" The Pi Guy and Lauren Stein

20" Coast and Hannah Phelps

Hannah's Retirement

by Lynn Thibodeau 

Hannah, our 11-year-old sable Sheltie, is our family's first agility dog. She became part of our family when our daughter, Megan, who was 17 at the time, wanted a dog she could do agility with and our seven-year-old longhaired Dachshund just wasn't interested. The only thing we knew about agility was what we had seen on television. We did some research on the sport and the breeds that were suited for it that would best fit into our family.

Megan was responsible for Hannah's training right from the start. She started with puppy kindergarten, went through all the basic pet classes and earned her Canine Good Citizen Title. Then came the agility training. She trained with Jean Mackenzie and Julie Daniels who were both wonderful and patient with this new young team.

When Megan started college in the fall of 2007 she wasn't able to continue Hannah's training. I had taken Megan to every class that she and Hannah had been to because Megan was one of those rare teenagers who wasn't interested in getting her driver's license. I saw how much Hannah enjoyed the sport and I had become quite interested in it. So if Hannah was going to continue playing I was going to have to step up and take over the training.

The short version of the rest of the story is that my husband, Bruce, started running agility with me after we welcomed the third Sheltie into our family. We've since then added another two, all of whom have become accomplished agility dogs. And it all started with Hannah and Megan, who is now a veterinarian.

On October 7, Hannah and I celebrated our agility story with her retirement run at the BARK trial at American K9 Country in Amherst, NH, where Hannah has done most of her training. The highlight of Hannah's career was running in the 2013 Cynosport PVP Finals with me and Bruce and Kaleigh, one of our other dogs, while Julie Daniels, our long time trainer and friend commentated. Hannah finished her agility career as PDCH Sunaire Spitfire Envy This, PTM Silver, PSM Bronze, PKM Bronze, PRCH. She also attained Veteran's titles in Snooker, Standard and Jumpers. She will keep busy doing nosework and rally and chasing squirrels.

Hannah Photo #1 - Credit to Barry Rosen

Hannah Photos #2 and #3 - Credit to Bruce Thibodeau


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