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Pull Across Jump and Push to Back Side - Video

A jumping sequence exercise from AgilityNerd Steve Schwarz.

by Steve Schwarz

Reprinted with kind permission of Steve Schwarz

Dana Pike external link had an interesting sequence in her Masters handling class this past week that could put the handler behind their dog on an 80 foot jumping sequence prior to the Back Side [ThreadleBackSides, QuadBackSide, BackSide, BackSideOneJumpHandling] of a jump. There were a lot of handling options, and I wanted to share an unusual handling method that I setup to practice at home, that also didn't need as much space.

Here is the general obstacle setup:

When you set it up you want the wrong side of 3 to be what the dog sees when coming over jump 2. Play with the spacing and the angles - the closer jump 2 is to jump 3 the more challenging it will be to avoid your dog taking the wrong side of jump 3. Coming back towards the weaves it lets you work a fast/short weave entry too. If you first run the sequence where your dog takes the wrong side of jump 3 before you work on sending him to the Back Side you may find out just how well you and your dog communicate!

You can also start at the other end of the weaves and turn your dog right or left exiting the weaves to change the angle they approach jumps 2 and 3:

Here is video of Snap, Flyer and me working on these sequences:

I hope you set these up and give them a whirl!

Steve Schwarz has been training and competing in agility and flyball since 1997. He focuses on helping handlers improve their communication with their dogs on course in a positive and light hearted manner. Steve brings an analytical approach from his engineering background to the study and training of agility.

In order to stay knowledgeable about current agility training techniques, Steve trains regularly with top agility handlers and attends multiple dog and agility training seminars each year. Steve competes in AKC, USDAA, UKI, and CPE venues and has competed in NADAC and UKC.

Steve also writes the longest running dog agility blog: AgilityNerd with regular articles and videos on agility training, handling, and course analysis.


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