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Grand Prix Semifinal Analysis by Tania Chadwick

Speed, Speed, Speed

Hopefully you have had a chance to look at the course map and heard the audio analysis of this course.  It was mostly a speed course with dogs being able to really open up and run. 

A triple jump was obstacle #1 and it caused handlers to rethink their usual start routines.  Some bars came down, but mostly dogs got lots of speed heading into the turn to the Aframe.

The 22" dogs ran in the main ring with the fancy wooden equipment, while the 26" dogs ran in another ring with regular equipment.  There seemed to be different issues with each height.  Maybe it was the way the courses were built, the height and speed of the dogs or the ring layout itself.  In any case, the 26" dogs did have some refusal/runout issues with the #5 jump and #10 jump.  Dogwalk contacts and weave pole entries were also an issue.  The 22" dogs seemed to have trouble with the tire after the tunnel, with dogs running past the tire; there were also weave pole misses in this height as well.  The small dogs also had some issues with missing the tire and the weave pole entries.

The 26" class was putting up fast run after fast run.  The fast morning times were getting bumped down the list with each group rotation.  Only 10 dogs from the 26" class would move on to the finals and by the end of the day only 1.28 separated 1st through 10th place.


I was more focused on the results of the 26" class because we were in it and watching whether we would get through. 

Fable - Sanders 30.01
Kestrel 30.22
Gator 30.30
Ziggy 30.49
Dan - Svorak 30.51
Infinity - Rector 30.66
Lochlan 31.08
Brazen - Stein 31.17
Surf - Pape 31.20
Aiko - Cochran 31.29

Tania Chadwick and Kidd just missed the finals with a 32.64.


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