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New Year's Holiday Tips for Pets

Just a reminder on ways to keep pets safe this week.

New Year's Eve celebrations are coming up this weekend and this can be a difficult time for pets. With all the people coming and going during house parties, loud fireworks and availability of dangerous foods, there's a lot to be careful of. 

The ASCPA recommends being aware of alcohol in your house. Ingesting alcohol make dogs seriously ill and possibly even fatal depending on the amount and the size of your dog. Alcohol can also be found in many candies and desserts so these should be kept away from pets as well. If you have house guests, make sure they're aware of this as non-dog owning people may unwittingly give dogs something toxic without intending to.

Dogs with noise sensitives or phobias may find New Year's Even fireworks very upsetting. Give your dog a quiet space where he or she feels safe, such as a crate or a favorite room. Tiring your dog out can sometimes help so taking your dog for a log walk or jog or some agility play time may help. Using training to distract, such as doing tricks, can also work with dogs who are not seriously anxious. For dogs that cannot keep calm and are very stressed, talk to your veterinarian about medication and other interventions.

Make sure your dog's ID tags and microchip information are also up to date. If by some chance your dog bolts, either from a guest leaving a door or gate open, or from fear of the noise, having proper ID is important to help bring him or her home.

Have a happy and safe New Year with your dog!


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