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Results are in for Day 5.

We extend our apologies, as the Internet services were down at the main ring on Sunday, scoring a major fault in coverage of the Grand Prix finals.  This hampered coverage of the event by our bloggers and news editor as well. 

A course analysis is provided in a separate article posted Sunday morning. 

Click links below to see the final results (we apologize in advance that the list only contains dog's names and scores.  We'll post the complete name list for the Grand Prix as soon as possible).

The Grand Prix began mid-afternoon with a standing room only crowd. The course (see course analysis article) offered a number of competitors challenges with off course possibilities that required they hold tight to the line.  Speed was the determining factor with the following result:

12" Class

1st place - Anne Platt & Charley - 0 faults, 35.26 seconds
2nd place - Deborah Hunt & Treat - 0 faults, 35.93 seconds
3rd place - Eric Martin & Zoe - 0 faults, 36.22 seconds

16" Class

1st place - Susan Garrett & DeCaff - 0 faults, 32.86 seconds
2nd place - Joel Lavalley & Marvel - 0 faults, 33.82 seconds
3rd place - Michelle Beardsley & Willow - 0 faults, 33.90 seconds

22" Class

1st place - Rhonda Carter & Blast - 0 faults, 30.20 seconds
2nd place - Lauri Baker & Perk - 0 faults, 30.25 seconds
3rd place - Mark Bowerman & Sybil - 0 faults, 30.79 seconds

26" Class

1st place - Marcus Topps & Juice - 0 faults, 29.60 seconds
2nd place - Sonya Maas & Jaxon - 0 faults, 31.03 seconds
3rd place - Roseanne DeMascio & Drifter - 0 faults, 31.55 seconds

Complete list of winners for Sunday's classes may be found by clicking the following links (note that Grand Prix lists will be updated shortly for all handler names):

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