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Subscriber and Dog Registration Procedures

This article includes some instructions to assist in locating your dog ownership records when subscribing or registering new dogs online.

To help avoid problems with associating your current dog registration records with a subscription or new dog registrations, the following information should prove helpful.

When you subscribe for access privileges to the Subscriber Services area, or when you try to register a dog, the system will ask you if you have a dog previously registered with USDAA. This is an important step because all dogs are tracked by their registered owner. Therefore you must say "Yes" to the prompt if you have dogs registered with us so that you will have your dogs associated with a single account online. Failure to do so will prevent you from seeing any of your dogs in the Subscriber Services area, and from associating new dog registratioins with your existing owner registration account.

Please note that dogs are registered to a "primary" owner or registrant, in our systems, placing responsibility for a dog on one person only. The primary owner/registrant should be the dog's primary handler and in most cases one who has ownership rights of the dog. While we record secondary owners names on dog's records, we cannot retrieve records of a dog for which you may be a secondary owner. This information is used solely for purposes of printing on award certificates and cannot be cross-referenced. As a result, if you are secondary owner of a dog, you cannot see the performance records for that dog without the primary owner/registrant purchasing access privileges to Subscriber Services in their name.

Here are some tips to avoid some problems that we have discovered frequently occur. We have tried to provide more instruction on the Subscriber pages to assist users.

  1. Be sure that you put your first name in the First Name field and your last name in the Last Name field.
  2. Be sure that you spell your last name as it appears on your registration card. If you have name beginning with Mc or Mac, it is important that you type exactly as presented on the registration McDaphney or McDaphney or Mc Daphney (note the space). The system can only recognize exact matches.
  3. If the system doesn't recognize your name and retrieve your record, try putting your middle initial and a period after your first name in the First Name field if it appears on your registration card. When our system was originally created, we did not have a separate field for middle initials and those who submitted registration applications with middle initials would have this in the First Name field on our records. For example: Jane A. So if you have tried just your first name and could not locate your records, try it with the middle initial and period added.
  4. The Owner Number field is optional as an alternative to the Dog Registration Number. Most people will not know their owner number until they become familiar with the new system, so they should use the Dog Registration Number field instead to locate their records. This can be any dog registered to you previously. Include only the 6 numeric digits for your dog registration number, omitting the U, A, J or V prefix.

If you cannot find your records after trying the above, please email the office at and we can look up your registration number for you or tell you exactly how your name may be presented on our records. It is easier for us to do this than to fix the link later.

If you have more than one dog and another family member has one or more dogs registered in their name, we will provide a 50% discount for additional family members; for example, $24 for primary and $12 each for additional family members. To acquire this family discount, you must register each person in the household of the same last name whom you wish to have an account, then send us an email notifying us of the account names and userid for each, and we will issue a credit for 50% of the fees for each additional person. For example, a two-member household would be $24 for primary and $12 for the second for a total fee of $36. When you make the purchase, you will have two credit card charges for $24 each and will receive a credit back for $12, for a net charge of $36. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can handle this at this time.

You should be aware that there is a change of ownership fee of $15 if you wish to transfer a dog to another person; more importantly, it is imperative that dogs remain registered to the person whose name should appear on title certificates. You want to be aware of the long-range effects of such changes before you do it.

Some things to note regarding new dog registrations issued by the web -

  • you will notice a 6 digit number sequence beginning with "5" (i.e., 500000 series). Those issued by the USDAA office directly will still carry a "1" (i.e., 100000 series) in the left most digit.
  • the alphabetic character prefixes you may see are:
    A = Registered when dog is under 18 months of age
    U = Standard registration - eligible for entry to Championship and Performance classes
    J = Junior Handler Team registration - eligible only for Junior Handler Program classes

We hope these instructions will help your understanding of the subscription and dog registration on the web and make the process easier for you.

If you have any questions, email us at


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