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Sunday Courses in Agility at the Cynosport World Games

Take a peek at the challenges ahead for dog agility competitors today at the Cynosport World Games

Today's courses include the Dog Agility Steeplechase® Classic, a course from the archives of past Steeplechase championship events, the Dog Agility Masters® International Three-Dog Team (Relay) Championship Finals and Versatility Pairs (Relay) Championship Finals, and the Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Finals, along with a Veterans Showcase among the top competitors in this year's Veterans All-Around Competition, and an offering of Junior Handler Program title classes.

Dog Agility Steeplechase® Classic

Dog Agility Masters®  International Three-Dog Team Championship Finals (Three-Dog Relay class) and Performance Versatility Pairs Championship Finals (Pairs Relay class)

Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championship Finals

Junior Handler Program Classes


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