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Flyball Races into the Cynosport Games!

Flyball gears up with Friday's one-day pre-qualifying tournament

Friday kicked off a one-day tournament run by the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) to determine seed times for tomorrow's Cynosport World Flyball Championships.

Fifty teams are entered over the next three days from as far away as Alaska and Canada. "It's wonderful! We were so excited to come. It's our first time and we worked very hard to get our dogs ready to be able to come here," say members of the Flying Squad flyball teams from Vancouver, Canada. Flying Squad won their Regional Championships in Region 7, which includes Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

In addition to providing seed times, today's tournament provides an opportunity for the dogs to get used to running on grass in an outdoor venue. Many of the dogs normally run only on mats indoors. The added distractions of being outdoors and having other dog sports taking place nearby can cause inexperienced dogs to miss jumps or drop balls. The tournament today will be a great warm-up for these dogs.

The World Flyball Championships has drawn flyball fans from as far away as England. Wilf and Anne Reed of Hampshire, England, have come to cheer on the flyball dogs.  "It looks like good fun. Both dogs and people seem to be enjoying themselves. I daresay there's a serious side but it's still great fun," says Anne Reed.

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