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Results are listed as dog number, name, breed, handler name

P08004 Maybie, Jack Russell Terrier, Dana Pike -

Led out over #1, small stumble at the end of the A-frame but in the zone, FAST! 38.23

P08014 Phoebe, Papillon, Kimberly Sisak -

Fast and smooth, teeter moved slow, 34.14

P08035 Mickey, Cross Breed, Carol Barach -

Smooth, 41.89

P08038 BJ, Jack Russell Terrier, Shirley Kostric - 

Wrong course after teeter Eliminated

P08039 Max, Miniature Schnauzer, Sue Roeder -

Slow on dogwalk, fast ending 54.22

P08026 Tater, Pomeranian, Raymond Jang -

Slow but steady, handler is well ahead, fast out 58.54

P08021 Judy, All Breed, Adrienne McLean

Fast - too fast? Teeter too slow, flyoff!! refusal in weaves, 45.20

P08002 Chip, Jack Russell Terrier, Kim James

Refusal a jump before broad jump 43.10

P08023 Pip, Toy Fox Terrier, Nancy Louise Jones

very fast dogwalk, flyoff on teeter, eliminated at tunnel


1. Phoebe 0 34.14

2. Maybie 0 38.23

3. Mickey 0 41.89

4. Max 0 54.22

5. Tater 0 58.54

6. Chip 5 43.10

7. Judy 10 45.20


P12001 Bounder, Shetland Sheepdog, Justine Davenport -

tight tight tight turns! 35.14

P12024 Chance, Shetland Sheepdog, Clare Lovett -

bobble after seesaw, hesitation at the top of the A-frame 37.64

P12037 Bodee, Minature Poodle, Marit Fuquay -

Confused by crowds and lights, after elimination for wrong course she had some great moments

P12070 Fanny, Minature Poodle, Carol Dresden -

tight turn after dogwalk, wide after jump to seesaw, 40.33

P12063 Sydney, Shetland Sheepdog, Barbara Bicksler -

nice and smoooooth, tight line after seesaw, FAST, 34.15

P12074 Aubrey, Shetland Sheepdog, Amy Jensen

little wide after jump #10, 35.89

P12030 Hoosier, Boston Terrier, Kelly Misegadis -

handler took a slight lead out, wide after jump #10, 35.63

P12064 Tory, Shetland Sheepdog, Joanne Lutterman -

stopped on dogwalk contact, bobble at jump before long jump 36.26

P12002 Rocky, Minature Schnauzer, Steve Moon -

ran with dog at start, tight turn after dogwalk, fast line to A-frame, the crowd seems to love Steve! 38.32

P12010 Dustin, Shetland Sheepdog, Joan Meyer -

ran with dog at start, running dogwalk, dog and hander are FAST, last bar fell 35.35


1 Sydney 0 34.15

2 Bounder 0 35.14

3 Hoosier 0 35.63

4 Aubrey 0 35.89

5 Tory 0 36.26

6 Chance 0 37.64

7 Rocky 0 38.32

8 Fanny 0 40.33

9 Dustin 5 35.35

P16040 Revel, Border Collie, Barbara DeMascio -

tight line after dogwalk, 32.90

P16047 Dory, Border Collie, Kathy Wells -

running with dog from start, moderate speed, starting to pick up speed... 38.40

P16064 Brink, Border Collie, Sandra Rogers -

tight line after seesaw, wide after jump #10, very fast, 30.09

P16074 Sweep, Border Collie, Sarah Scott Dow -

lead out over jump #1, tight after seesaw, wide after jump #10, FAST 33.81

P16134 Rip, Border Collie, Sharon Freilich -

dog started before she was ready!  tight lines, 31.50

P16036 Sassy, Border Collie, Sue Marshall -

tight and fast, 32.24

P16111 Tahoe, Australian Shepherd, Dave Grubel -

moderate speed start with a pause while descending the dogwalk, almost teeter flyoff, super fast ending 34.36

P16112 Echo, Border Collie, Ken Fairchild -

 handler slipped but didn't fall, tight turn after jump before broad jump, 32.64

P16092 Brisco, Australian Cattle Dog, Rob Bardenett -

faulted dogwalk down contact, wide turns here and there, fast 32.36

P16137 Hanna, Border Collie, Derrell Stover

ran with dog from start, faulted down contact on dogwalk, wide turn at #10, very fast, 33.45

P16033 Kody, Border Collie, Amber Abbott -

ran by long jump and then wrong course while trying to redo long jump 30.09

P16114 Wilder, Shetland Sheepdog, Gayle Anderson -

very fast, missed jump after seesaw and had to go back 36.47

P16003 Joplin, Border Collie, Reggie Rogers -

running with the dog, tight line after dogwalk, dog jumps long, 31.57

P16110 Dot, Border Collie, Julia Hunt -

wide but fast, spin in front of tunnel, refusal at jump #10, 32.71


1 Brink 0 30.09

2 Rip 0 31.50

3 Sassy 0 32.24

4 Echo 0 32.64

5 Revel 0 32.90

6 Sweep 0 33.81

7 Tahoe 0 34.36

8 Dory 0 38.40

P16090 Gracie, Australian Shepherd, Jody Faulkner -

running with dog at start, tight line off dog walk, nearly wrong course after #10 back to finish jump, 36.00

P22056 George, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Ann Williscroft -

tight line after dogwalk, down contact was faulted, tight turns after #10 and #12, smooooth and moderate speed 38.65

P22084 Elvis, Cross Breed, Julie Koblin -

lead out over first jump, wide turn after #5, tight turn after seesaw, very wide after #10, FAST!! 33.17

P22058 Abe, Golden Retriever, Rich Bradley

Lead out but went back to get the dog and ran with, wide after dogwalk, took wrong end of tunnel, fast moving, 39.40

P22003 Cody, Border Collie, Anne Andrle -

cautious on end of dogwalk, wide after #10, 38.72

P22053 Morgan, Great Dane, Keri Caraher

Speedy!  Refusal on #10, was it called?? INCREDIBLE WEAVES 37.10

P22009 Annabelle, Australian Shepherd, Liza Buckner

running with dog from start, Annabelle BARKS! Speedy exit from seesaw, wide after #12, 34.95

P22008 Blitz, Border Collie, Meryl Sheard -

tight line after dogwalk and seesaw, ALLLLMOST wrong tunnel entrance but saved! 36.41

P22077 Sprint, Flat-Coated Retriever, Teresa Rodney -

nice moving, fast and tight 33.77

P22068 Scout, Border Collie, Mark Pavelka -

running with dog at start, was there a fault on the dogwalk? Maybe a missed up contact, fast dog [no call made] - 31.05

P22011 Super, Border Collie, Linda Mecklenburg-

long lead-out to tire, tight turns, little wide after #10, SO FAST, missed weave 36.33



1 Elvis 0 33.17

2 Sprint 0 33.77

3 Annabelle 0 34.95

4 Gracie 0 36.00

5 Morgan 0 37.10

6 Cody 0 38.72

7 Scout 5 31.05

8 Super 5 36.33

9 George 5 38.65


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