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Junior Handlers are part of the Games too! By Leona Hellesvig

The Cynosport Games are not for adults only.  Junior Handlers have their own classes.  All competitors in the Intermediate and Senior classes who run with 5 faults or less will participate in the Junior Handler Spotlight before the Grand Prix.  Today, six juniors participated in Senior, seven in Intermediate, and one in Beginner.  Two Seniors and three Intermediates will advance to the Spotlight tonight.

The Senior course was fun and challenging.  An off-course potential was obvious after the seesaw #5, though no one had a problem with that.  Two dogs took a wrong course to the collapsed tunnel after jump #4. There were issues with other things - dogs not wanting to down on the table and needing multiple attempts to complete the weave poles. 

The Intermediate course was similar to the Senior course.  The course change was basically to move the long jump to where the seesaw had been, replacing it with a normal jump, and removing the jump following the pipe tunnel.  This created a large distance on the Intermediate course from tunnel #8 to jump #9.  The Intermediate class had problems similar to the senior class, with downs on the table, multiple attempts at the weaves. 

The Beginner course was a simple "M", and easily handled by the one Beginner handler.


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