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Celebrity Fun Run with famous USDAA judges

They're human too - except when they look like they could beat the pants off the competition! By Karey Krauter

After a 12 hour day of judging 700 runs in 95 degree heat, what does a judge most want to do after dinner?! Run someone else's dog on the steeplechase finals course in the main arena in front of 1000 competition-drunk spectators! The list of judges used was a who's who of the country's favorites, some running dogs in a height they are used to and others wonderfully out of their element.

Here are a few of my observations:

Judge Chris Danielly

In 12"

Marty Gatsby ran a sheltie

Tom Kula with sheltie.


Lisa Barrett with Megan, a Golden Retriever

Scott Chamberlain and a Border Cross

Karen Gloor ran barefoot!

Nadia Calabria ran a Border.


Diane Carson and Jazz a Flatcoat

Mark Wirant and a Golden

Gert and Lab Gidget - costume awwww

Patty Drom, BC (Riggs?) SMOKIN' 33.69

Leona Hellesvig and Golden

Greg Louganis and Katy a BC smokin' too (okay not a judge but famous!)

They had such cool (if ironic)smiles coming off the courses and the crowd really loved them!


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