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Saturday Herding Surprise

Herding is for all dogs at Cynosport Games By Anne Douglas

In with all the Border Collies, Shelties, Aussies, and German Shepherd Dogs, there were some surprises yesterday. The Cynosport Games and the Arizona Herding Association had a Hungarian Pumi and a Parson Russell Terrier herding... Yes, you heard right, a Parson Russell Terrier herding.

Xena, the Parson Russell Terrier, owned by Marcia Walsh of Woodside, California, gave herding a whirl Saturday at the Cynosport Games. Xena did so well she actually earned a herding instinct certificate. Walsh was thrilled. "She loved it so much we're trying it again today!"

The other surprise breed that did some herding on Saturday was Bella the Hungarian Pumi. Pumis are actually herding dogs by origin. Nonetheless, you don't often see them at herding trials in North America, so Bella drew a fair bit of interest as she successfully worked the sheep.

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