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Competing sport dogs and visiting pet dogs alike give lure coursing a spin. By Anne Douglas

Sold out at 40 dogs per hour, obstacle lure coursing with Course A Lure is one of the most popular attractions at this year's Cynosport Games.

Course A Lure came a day early this year because the past two years, so many dogs and handlers wanted to try it that not everyone had a chance.

With obstacle lure coursing, there is a snow fence set up guiding the dogs through a 750-foot course with tires and small jumps. The lure, which looks like a foxtail, is pulled through the course while the dogs follow. Most dogs adore it and Course A Lure's owner and founder, Cyndi Conwell, says that some dogs even leave the agility field and other events to come back because they want to try it again.

"Dogs are crazy for it," says Conwell.

Obstacle lure coursing is open to Cynosport Games competitors as well as members of the public who bring their dogs.

One of the fastest dogs at the Cynosport Games was Pam Reid's Snafu, a Whippet mix. Snafu ran the course in 15.25 seconds.

"My dogs love lure coursing. I think it's wonderful," says Reid, a certified applied canine behaviorist.

Course A Lure can be contacted through

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