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Junior Handlers Day 2

10 Gold medals are awarded in juniors.  By Leona Hellesvig

The final day of the Cynosport games was the second day of competition for the juniors.  They began with their standard class runs at 11:30am, and for five of them, the trip to the main ring to run the Grand Prix course at 2:0pm was a major highlight.

The Senior course offered a creative and challenging course design.  The greatest handling challenge on the course appeared to be following collapsed tunnel #13 where there was an inviting off-course option directly ahead while the correct choice was the weaves at a right angle approach to the left.  Another challenge that proved attractive to some was a wrong course from jump #7 to the A-frame instead of the correct choice, #9 (the seesaw).  A turn back to the dogwalk entrance did not prove troublesome.

Three of the five competitors in Senior earned a clean run under course time (74 seconds).  The two handlers that did not have a clean run had problems with the dog not wanting to down on the hot table in the sun, a bit of trouble pushing through the fabric portion of the collapsed tunnel, or took that wrong course onto the A-frame instead of the seesaw.

The opening section of the Intermediate course was the same as the Senior.  The difference between the two courses was from the table #5 to the end.  On the Intermediate course, a bit of a pinwheel was formed by the collapsed tunnel #7, jumps #8, #9 (there is a difference here in numbering from the posted course and what was actually run) and weaves at #10.  Handlers needed to perform a cross somewhere between that pinwheel and the long jump (new #11). The ending of the course was very straight forward. 

In Intermediate, four handlers had a clean run under course time, and two earned 5 faults.  One dog who did have a clean run spent a little time distracted while visiting judge Mark Wirant.  The standard faults in this class were a missed contact, and a wrong course to the A-frame after jump #6.

There was no Beginner dog today, because she had a clean round yesterday and moved to Elementary today!  The challenging place on this course was the location of jump #6, and this proved to the be a problem for Sheltie, "Ty," as she took a wrong course to collapsed tunnel #8 after jump #7.    



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