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2007 Cynosport Costume Contest and Kennel Area Decorating Contest Photos

Enjoy photos this week and next as we wrap up our 2007 Cynopsort coverage.

The Banquet included a costume contest and the winners were very creative! 

4th place Judy Cope dressed as her own Poodle, Jib, and 1st place Ziji Scott, Scott Herr, Jill Gustofson, and Sandy Zajkowski as electronic timers.

2nd place - "agility handlers from Mercury of the year 2107" (Marq and Rebecca Cheek)

3rd place went to Cruella Deville and her Dalmatian (if you know their real names, let me know!

5th place was Judy Guillot as the Spider Lady

6th place went to this adorable clown (who is she?)

The Kennel Area Decorating contest went very well too!

1st place - Tiptoe Through the Roses team

(that's a live person and dog on the left

waiting to scare you!)

2nd Place - The Louganis family

3rd Place - Rats and Jacks

4th Place - the Japanese team5th Place - the Wizard of Oz team

Read all about the banquet and contests here!

All photos by Howard George of


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