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Behind-the-Scenes at the 2007 World Cynosport Games

See pictures of a few of the folks who made it happen.

The check-in process - workers hurried to help a throng of competitors on opening day.Competitors in the "exit tent," which housed the scorers for that ring and the website reporters. See Leona Hellesvig typing in the upper right hand corner.
Andrew Douglas, publisher of DogSport Magazine, shown here typing a story for the USDAA Web site.USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch received an award in recognition of his contribution to the sport and being instrumental in bringing agility to the US.
Photos by Howard

Judges Mark Wirant, Scott Chamberlain, and Tim Laubach relaxed for just a moment.Judges and others enjoyed the runs in the main ring from the judge's tent.
DogSport Magazine editor Anne Douglas and USDAA Subscriber Services News Page editor Brenna Fender worked on stories for the Web site. Notice the excessively geeky number of laptops. 

Darlene Woz and Jan Kurn scored events in the exit tent of the main ring on Sunday.  Tim Verrelli uploaded the scores and determined placements in the midst of many excited competitors.

Photos by Tania Chadwick


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