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Performance Program Developments for 2008

A recap of the rule changes impacting the Performance Program

In a year-end review, the Board has postponed the inclusion of Relay qualifications in the Performance Dog I, II and III titles (PD1, PD2 & PD3) to January 1, 2009.  In implementing the relay titling classes in 2007, the Board had previously announced in November 2006, that inclusion of relay qualifications in the PD1, PD2 and PD3 title requirements would be implemented January 1, 2008, subject to further review. Similarly, tournament qualification inclusion in the Accomplished Performance Dog title will be postponed until January 1, 2009.

The postponement comes as the Board received various reports throughout the year from smaller shows in some areas of the country that there had been difficulties with competitors securing pairs partners at certain levels in the Performance Pairs classes.  The Board views that further growth in the Performance Program in 2008 will see a resolve of these difficulties, citing that this was not unlike issues encountered in the early years of agility when few people were in the Masters or Advanced levels of what is called now the Championship Program.

Also, as announced earlier in 2007, beginning in 2008, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be calculated without regard to which program a qualification has been earned.  Fittingly, the Board noted that a person who has competed in the Performance Program, Championship Program, or crossed between programs during their career should receive USDAA recognition for the collective results throughout their competitive career, regardless of the composition of results within a particular program. Additional designations may be applied based upon that composition, but the basic award itself should be program-neutral. 

In all cases, as in previous changes, any qualifications earned become a part of a competitor's permanent record, and such qualifications will be considered at such time a new titling requirement may become effective.  For example, 2007 qualifications in Performance tournaments will count toward the Lifetime Achievement award under its new formula beginning January 1, 2008.

Further, because the effective dates of implementation of the relay and tournament requirements in the versatility titles - Performance Dog I, Performance Dog II, Performance Dog III, and Accomplished Performance Dog - are being postponed for another full year to 2009,  there will be no grandfathering of the old titling requirements for these awards once the new regulations become effective.  It is important that competitors be forward looking in setting their goals for the coming year, and give due consideration to the new requirements in setting realistic expectations in pursuit of qualifications in the coming year. 


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