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Lifetime Achievement Awards for 2003 & Agility Top Ten Updates

See whose at the top three-quarters way through the year.

Lifetime Achievement Awards for 2003 have been calculated and awards will be distributed to recipient/honorees at the Grand Prix Competitors Welcome Dinner on Wednesday, November 5. Agility Top TenSM standings have also been updated through September 1 and are now available on the Awards page online. Following is a list of this year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipients:

Platinum (50 qualifying scores in each masters titling class with 500 overall)

Jim Basic & Mick (first award at this level; Jim has 551 qualifying scores with Mick, with 125 Gamblers, 93 Jumpers, 81 Pairs Relay, 113 Snooker & 106 Standard Agility qualifications, supplemented by 32 Grand Prix qualifications and one Performance Gamblers 3 qualification)

Gold (35 qualifying scores in each masters titling class with 350 overall)

Candy Gaiser & Holly

Silver (25 qualifying scores in each masters titling class with 250 overall)

Kathleen Wells & Houston
Kathleen Wells & Pandora
Rachel Sanders & Whist
Stacy Peardot-Goudy & Secret
Rosemary Sutherland & Todd

Bronze (15 qualifying scores in each masters titling class with 150 qualifying scores overall)

Mindy Lytle & Zoe
Mike Swanson & Cap
Cynthia Ernat & Abbi
Carol Smorch & Pixie
Donna Rohaus & Katie
Carol Lemche & Tory
Shannon Miller & Mattie
Stacie Green & Cosmo
Julie Daniels & Spring
Jeannette Hutchison & Zig Zag
Christine Frank & Boogie
Barbara DeMascio & Revel
Debra Jane Seltzer & Gripper
Elicia Calhoun & Suni
Mike Swanson & Xena
Terry Smorch & Remy
Jeremy Gerhard & Spyder
Ella Hoselton & Patty
Jeremy Gerhard & Dodger
Brittney Holtorf & Blast

The Awards are commorated in a custom cold cast bronze plaques, which will be presented at the "Competitors Welcome Dinner" at Dave & Busters - Dallas, at the Grand Prix on Wednesday, November 5.

Complete list of Lifetime Achievement Award standings through September 1, 2003 (the cutoff date for 2003 awards) is now available online -- ranking of Top 200, and a comprehensive list of all competitors alphabetically..


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